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Album art by Anouk Regensburg (website)

Another really cool project I got to work on this year was Thom Lunshof’s dream/nightmare take on mass psychogenic illness in the film Harmonia. It was definitely the most challenging project I’ve had so far, but I’m really pleased with the result. The film itself is very surreal and disturbing, but also full of beautiful photography and amazing performances.

While Philine tries to earn a spot in the most prestigious boat of her university’s rowing team, a mysterious voice threatens her university campus. The voice is looking for unity and togetherness in a world where everyone, caged in their own isolation, fights for their own objectives.
(translated from the Keep an Eye Festival website)

Harmonia was made in collaboration with BNN VARA.

Winner of the Topkapi Films Fiction Award at the Keep An Eye Film Festival 2020.

Winner of the Wildcard from the Netherlands Film Fund, at the 2020 edition of the Dutch Film Festival.