composer for film, theater, and TV

One With My Skin

This piece was a collaboration with actress and singer Laurien van Rijswijk during our one-week residency at the Odeon Theater in Zwolle. It was done in the context of our development trajectory within KASKO huis voor muziektheater, a music theater collective based in Zwolle and active in and around the province of Overijssel in the Netherlands. During this week-long residency, called SPRUIT (Dutch for “sprout”), different groups of artists associated with KASKO get the chance to develop artistic concepts and present them at the end of the week.

This particular project is an experiment within a larger idea Laurien and I have, of developing a performance that reflects on different visions of loneliness. What does it mean to be alone? Who are we when we are alone? Stage designer Juliette Mout came up with the idea for the visual element in the video.

Original (Dutch) title: Één met mijn huid
Text and voice: Laurien van Rijswijk
Music and composition: Renán Zelada C.
Concept design: Juliette Mout (website)
Video: Silvian Ilgen (Lancelot video)