This project shows for me the wonders of the connected world we live in. It is a film directed by two Iranian filmmakers, Tara Kaboli and Khashayar Yousefzadeh, who live in Italy. It is an Italian-language film that incorporates elements of Japanese culture (hentai, origami, video games, and anime). That I, a Chilean/Venezuelan composer living in the Netherlands, got to make music for the film, makes the whole project even crazier in my opinion. It was a joy to work with these people, and the result is really beautiful.

Carlotta is a 6 years old girl who accidenly find some bizzare dolls in the basement of her neighbour’s cellar.

The film was the winner of the Halicarnassus Film Festival 2021 in the category Best Short Film. It was part of the selection at the Golden Short Film Festival 2021. Finalist at the Sweden Film Awards, April 2021. Part of the official selection at BARCIFF, Barcelona Indie Filmmakers Fest 2021. Official Selection at MARDIFF, Madrid Indie Film Festival 2021. Participated at the Tokyo Liftoff Film Festival 2021. It will also be shown at the monthly Mediterranean Film Festival.

The soundtrack will be soon available on Spotify.

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