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Un símbolo, una rosa – performed at University of Nebraska Omaha

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Jordan Willis, from the University of Nebraska Omaha, about performing my piece Un símbolo, una rosa at a recital he was organizing called “Powerful Perspectives: A Recital Celebrating Underrepresented Composers.” I was very enthusiastic abut the concept of a recital that includes the work of underrepresented composers, so I immediately agreed. I am very happy that this kind of initiatives are appearing more and more. I am sure a lot can still be done to bring to light the work of composers who aren’t necessarily white, cis, European, and male.

My piece, Un símbolo, una rosa, is quite an old piece in my short career of just 10 or so years. I wrote it in 2012, before beginning my studies in Łódź, Poland. That summer, I went for a second time to the International Summer Academy of Music in Ochsenhausen, Germany, to have lessons with Ofer Ben-Amots and Jan Jirásek. That time, I decided I wanted to write a piece inspired by cumbia, a Latin American dance that originated in Colombia, but which was adopted by almost all the countries in the region, who gave it unique and very different characteristics. My piece is mostly influenced by Chilean cumbia, especially by the work of Chico Trujillo and Juana Fe.

The video includes the whole concert, so just sit back and enjoy!