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A View From Above

Listen to the full soundtrack here.

“… this film is clearly made with heart and soul…” Gawie Keyser, De Groene Amsterdammer

This year I got to collaborate again with the amazingly talented Dylan Werkman in a documentary that seeks to explore the feeling astronauts experience when they look at the Earth from space. The film is made from real NASA footage combined with beautifully shot original takes from everyday life, in an attempt to create visual metaphors that would help us understand this overwhelming feeling of connectedness and vulnerability.

Special thanks to Nikolaï Clavier for performing the viola part in the album version of the ending track.

A View From Above was made in collaboration with NTR.

Keep an Eye Festival 2020
Nederlands Film Festival 2020 (Netherlands) – Pathé Tuschinski Award
Full Frame Documentary Film Festival 2021 (USA)
Odense International Film Festival 2021 (Denmark)