music composer, also for film and theater

About me

Renán Zelada Cisneros (b. 1993) is a composer of music for film, theater and the concert stage. His music has been described as “mesmerizing” and “poetic,” and he frequently creates works that invite the audience to contemplate and enter a heightened state of listening awareness. He often collaborates with young filmmakers from the Netherlands and abroad, being very interested in projects that open up the discussion about topics that are often difficult or taboo. Such is the case of films as Harmonia (Thom Lunshof, 2020), a “millenial horror” film about burnout in higher education; Nicki (Saman Haghighivand, 2021), which tells the story of a trans woman in Teheran who just wants to be herself; and Hiding in the Limelight (Colina van Bemmel, 2022), an upcoming documentary about burlesque. Recently, he also collaborated with Lola Mooij in a short film about anonymity and secret encounters called DAVAI. Renán is currently also following a career development program at KASKO House for Music Theater, in Zwolle.

Recent projects

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